The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine Returns to Quarterly Print: Homeschooling is on the Rise

Significant Growth in Homeschooling Market Drives Demand for Industry Trade Magazines.

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine Returns to Quarterly Print: Homeschooling is on the Rise
Johnson City, TN, October 02, 2018 –(– Homeschooling is once more on the rise and families are looking for resources to help them. Parents continue to seek reliable content to help them take charge of their children’s education, especially in the wake of school violence, bullying, and the failure of schools to meet academic standards. Parents also choose homeschooling as a way to pass on a legacy of faith and wholesome values.

Prior to entering the digital age in 2012, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine supported over 20,000 subscribers, in addition to sales through large retailers and bookstores. Since that time, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine has been regularly read by over 90,000 families using the free apps and online.

“We are returning to a subscription model in response to dramatic growth in the homeschooling market and to meet customer demand,” explained Gena Suarez, founder of The Old Schoolhouse®. “After almost two decades as the trade magazine for homeschooling families throughout the U.S. and more than twenty countries worldwide, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine will return to quarterly printing as of the start of 2019 with a fresh new design focused on today’s homeschooling families.”

Subscriptions to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, beginning with the Spring 2019 issue, are available for $29/year. The magazine will also continue to be available from retailers around the country for a cover price of $9.95 per issue. Access remains free through the TOS digital app, as well as to members of, the online curriculum division of The Old Schoolhouse® that offers more than 400 courses for preschool through high school, an educational video library, and a large variety of additional teaching and organizational to its members. The Old Schoolhouse® also reaches customers through “The Homeschool Minute” weekly newsletter, “Homeschooling with Heart” blog, and Homeschool Review Crew product reviews.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, “approximately 3 percent of the school-age population was homeschooled in the 2011-12 school year.” Homeschooling is on the rise. According to the National Home Education Research Institute, led by Brian D. Ray, Ph.D., there are “about 2.3 million home-educated students in the United States” as of Spring, 2016. They further report that the number of U.S. homeschoolers is estimated to be growing at a rate of 2% to 8% per year, making homeschooling a more common choice for families nationwide and driving demand for industry trade magazines, like The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine.

About The Old Schoolhouse®
The Old Schoolhouse, LLC is a privately held corporation that publishes the industry-leading homeschool education print magazine, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, as well as hundreds of books and planning support tools for homeschooling families., a division of The Old Schoolhouse®, supports over 7,500 member families with more than 400 courses for preschool through high school as well as educational videos, World Book online, planning tools, transcripts, and support for homeschooling parents. Established in 2001, The Old Schoolhouse® is focused on providing affordable solutions for homeschooling families.

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