Rising Pro Surfer Eithan Osborne Struggles with Decision to Homeschool

This article really intrigued me. I’m not someone who follows pro surfing but it caught my eye because here is a young man who understands the struggle between developing and honing his skill and the demands it places on attending public school.

Apparently, many aspiring professional surfers are homeschooled because of the demands on their time due to travel and competition. This honest look at how a young man perceives this microcosm is a breath of fresh air.

Eithan Osborne: Why School Matters – SURFING Magazine

Today’s aspiring professional surfer doesn’t have what would be considered a “normal” childhood. Instead, they have a job – and that job is to go surfing. As is the trend in all sports, kids are getting very serious about surfing from a very young age.

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