Pros and Cons of Homeschooling From a Student’s Perspective


Benefits of Homeschooling

1. The teacher never threatens to tell your mom
2. Your parents never get called in for a “conference”
3. You can’t be expelled
4. You don’t care what your classmates think of you
5. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your lunch/lunch money
6. You don’t have to change clothes after school
7. You don’t have to sell raffle tickets, cookies, or chocolate bars
8. The dog is always nearby and ready to eat your homework
9. If the teacher grades on the curve, you’re guaranteed an A
10. Unless you have a twin, you’re bound to be the valedictorian

Drawbacks of Homeschooling

1. No snow days
2. You can’t miss the bus
3. You can’t be suspended and sent home
4. You can’t hide the vegetables you don’t like in a milk carton
5. Mom always sides with the teacher
6. Dad always sides with the principal
7. You can’t intercept your report card and “fix” it before your parents see it
8. You can’t transfer to another school
9. The nightmare of showing up at school in your pajamas is a daily reality
10. The good-looking boy/girl in the desk next to you is your brother/sister (gross!)

Source: The Internet

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