My Mother, My Teacher—Der Bund

This article from Der Bund in Switzerland gives American homeschoolers a perspective on how Europeans view homeschooling here in the U.S.

My Mother, My Teacher

Miles and Porter are tens years old and have been to school a single day in their entire. Their mother, Farrah Williams, homeschools them in the United States because she feels the schools are to strict and results-driven. Note: this article was originally published in German.

There’s a very interesting sidebar about homeschooling in Switzerland. Apparently there are only about 500 homeschooled students in the entire country, most of them are in Bern.

Sixth-Grade Homeschooler Wins National Essay Contest—Knoxville News Sentinal

Sixth grader wins national essay competition

Eleven years old and a budding stock market analyst. Sofia Tomov, a sixth grader with the Cedar Springs Homeschool group in Knoxville, received first place at the middle school level in the national InvestWrite essay competition, sponsored by the SIFMA Foundation, and was honored at her school in a surprise announcement Monday night in front of her teachers and peers.