Report Urges School Choice in Canada

Alberta Education urged to respect parental choice in curriculum | Troy Media

New “Inspiring Education” curriculum to be imposed on all Alberta schools by 2016 Parents’ group points to failure of “Discovery Math”, warns against expansion CALGARY/EDMONTON: Parents for Choice in Education (PCE) today released its report on “Inspiring Education”, a new curriculum to be imposed on all schools in Alberta by 2016.

Fiber Arts Teaches Technique and Tradition

Spinning a yarn

As Wendy Johnson taught a small group of girls how to use a drop spindle make yarn, she told them that in the past such an activity was a necessity.

“It’s why people kept sheep in their backyards,” one of the girls added. Using fiber arts to connect people to the past is one of Johnson’s passions. During the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 3, she taught two small groups of boys and girls who are homeschooled about making yarn.

Homeschoolers Less Likely to Leave Faith

Study Finds Homeschoolers Less Likely to Leave Faith Than Public, Private Schooled Students

Recently released findings from an in-depth study of nearly 10,000 young adults show that Millennials who were homeschooled are less likely to leave the faith than individuals who attended private or public schools. Late last month, Generations with Vision and the National Home Education Research Institute published the results of their Gen2 Survey.