Steps to Homeschooling Success [Infographic]

Are you thinking about homeschooling? Are you unsure how to get started? Here are some easy steps to homeschooling success:

  • Explore your child’s interests.
  • Join a homeschool co-op.
  • Commit to homeschooling.
  • Create a spce for homeschooling.
  • Become your child’s favorite teacher.
  • Learn your state’s or country’s homeschooling requirements.
Steps to Homeschool Success
Source: Pearson Homeschool

Do you have any suggestions for someone who wants to start homeschooling?

Why Homeschool? Infographic

Parents choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons. Choosing to homeschool is a lifestyle choice an one that typically benefits the student. Here are some fast facts from the infographic below:

  • Homeschooled students, on average, score 37 points higher on standardized tests.
  • Home educators spend about $500 a year versus $10,000 per year for a public school child.
  • 95% of homeschool graduates say they’re glad they were homeschooled.
Source: Line Upon Line Learning

What are some of the reasons you homeschool?