HSLDA responds to policy recommendations for more government oversight

Opposing Views on Homeschool Regulation

Do you think some regulation is necessary in some states where there is none?

Michael Farris Speaks Out About Patriarchy and Legalism Among Christian Homeschoolers

A Line in the Sand

Although some people want HSLDA to be the police force of the homeschooling movement—removing those who miss the mark in some manner—that is not our role. Even though I have been uncomfortable with the teaching coming from each of these men for several years, it is not my place to try to remove viewpoints from the homeschooling community just because the HSLDA board or I hold a different view. Our role is to defend the freedom of everyone to homeschool.

Will the Common Core Impact Homeschooling?

Why Conservative Christian Homeschoolers Are Fighting Standards That Don’t Apply To Them

Opposition to the educational standards known as Common Core has come from an array of Tea Party groups, conservative think-tanks, Glenn Beck, and the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity — and a few voices on the left as well. But one of the most active sources of opposition has been an unlikely group: a Christian conservative organization that works to defend the rights of homeschooling parents.