Portland Tries to Lure Back Homeschoolers With Online Classes

Portland starting virtual school program – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram

The city hopes offering the online classes will help it compete with a statewide virtual charter school and give homeschooled students an in-district option. The state’s largest school district hopes to lure homeschoolers back to the fold – and compete with a new statewide virtual charter school – by offering a virtual academic program starting this fall.

Homeschooling and Divorce

Home schooling and child custody

The question here is whether, in the absence of evidence of specific harm or benefit from home-schooling, family court judges can rely on their own general estimation of whether home-schooling is usually better or worse for children than other schooling.

African-American Homeschoolers Continue to Increase

More African-American families turn to homeschooling

An increasing number of African-American students have been joining the ranks of homeschooled children.