Liberté éducation is Fighting to Keep Homeschooling Legal in France

From Liberté éducation, “The IEF today represents 62,000 children educated in families, a fundamental constitutional freedom and enshrined by Jules Ferry, who made education compulsory and not school in 1882. On October 2 [2020], Emmanuel Macron announced that he wanted to ban this practice, on the pretext of an alleged separatism, while the head of territorial intelligence , heard in a special committee, declared that there was no link between the rise of separatism and that of family education.”

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@wiredhs With @Liberteducation we have a struggle against our government moving to ban home schooling, a practice that has been legally enjoyed since 1882. We where auditioned in the National Assembly and the Senate to defend this fundamental freedom. Help us, please !

Please visit Liberté éducation if you would like to help keep homeschooling legal in France.

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