Jamestown Homeschool Days; Homeschool Huddle; Commentary

Jamestown Settlement & American Revolution Museum at Yorktown are having homeschool days from September 8th through the 23rd. Hands-on activities, museum tours and historical demonstrations are all included with the cost of admission. Admission is $12 per person. To purchase tickets or for more information visit historyisfun.org.

The Hopewell Library in Hopewell, VA has a new program for homeschoolers: Homeschool Huddle. Over the school year there will be curriculum swaps, book fairs, special events, and the new “Homeschool Huddle”…a monthly meetup featuring a different activity each time! Learn more about these events by calling 804-458-6329 ext.1019.

Finally, I offer some commentary on many articles I’ve seen in the news about parents turning to homeschooling because of school violence. Make sure you listen to the podcast to hear my comments.

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