izzit.org to the Rescue for Suddenly Homeschooling Parents

ERIE, Pa., March 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For parents who unexpectedly find themselves homeschooling teenagers who would rather watch Netflix than read a book, and for teachers who are suddenly educating in virtual classrooms, now is the time to utilize izzit.org’s video-centric, online teaching units.  They are convenient, entertaining, educational and – best of all – available at no cost to any educator including parents and grandparents.

For more than a decade, izzit.org has been providing educators with videos for grades 6-12 that inspire critical thinking, stimulate lively, civil discussions and motivate students to research further.  The teaching units include Teachers’ Guides, discussion questions, vocabulary lists, activities, quizzes, and more. Its library of more than 120 video teaching units, courses and Teachable Moments contains everything needed to lead a lesson on various subjects, from world and U.S. history to science, economics, and government/civics. Two Current Events lessons are also available each school day, including vocabulary words and higher-level discussion questions.

izzit.org is also the exclusive producer and distributor of educational resources on the U.S. Constitution for the new 3-hour PBS television series, A More or Less Perfect Union, A Personal Exploration by Judge Douglas Ginsburg.  izzit.org has created an interactive on-line course, The U.S. Constitution & Black History, that is also suitable for lifelong learners. Additionally, there are over 10 stand-alone videos including Becoming Equal Under the Law which looks at how the Constitution was changed over the years to better represent how “All Men are Created Equal.”

“izzit.org has been an invaluable partner to classroom teachers and homeschool parents for more than a decade,” said izzit.org President/CEO Rob Chatfield. “Over 400,000 educators have registered with izzit.org and you can find an izzit.org video lesson in nearly half of the public high schools and middle schools in America.  With the extraordinary circumstance of nationwide school closures, we wanted to let parents and teachers alike know that we’ve got them covered.  Educators often tell us about the profound classroom discussions that take place and the a-ha moments students experience after viewing our videos. And above all, teachers appreciate that our teaching units are – and always have been – available at no cost. That’s why we’ve said izzit.org is the best substitute teaching plan you never knew you needed.”

izzit.org teaching units are available via streaming or downloading directly from izzit.org. U.S. classroom educators can opt to receive a free DVD version as well.

About izzit.org:
izzit.org specializes in creating free, standards-aligned content for teachers that fosters critical thinking and respectful debate among students. A recent independent survey by a Dun & Bradstreet subsidiary estimates izzit.org’s educational materials are currently creating more than 11.3 million views per year. Results from over 30,000 recent quizzes taken by middle and high school students show izzit.org video lessons have an exceptional 76 percent comprehension rate.  izzit.org also offers a Current Events service, complete with two daily articles, discussion questions, and vocabulary, all at no cost to educators. Each school year, U.S.-based classroom educators can receive one free DVD from izzit.org’s library as well as unlimited downloads and streaming. For more information, visit the website, www.izzit.org.

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