How Right And Left Joined Forces In Fight To Legalize Home Schooling

Image via NPR
“It was like the days of the one-room schoolhouse,” reminisces home-schooling advocate and First Amendment lawyer Michael Farris. He’s talking about a few short decades ago, the time when he and his wife raised their 10 children — six girls, four boys — and educated them entirely in the home.

Farris and his wife — a certified teacher who he says “had to unlearn all the stuff she’d been taught” in order to educate their kids — are two pioneers of the home-schooling movement as we know it today. Farris fought many of the most prominent home-school battles through the 1980s, when it was illegal to home-school children in many states; he founded the Christian Home School Legal Defense Association in 1983, and his family became a model for home schoolers across the U.S.

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