Homeschooling Mother Releases New Book, “Just Stop: 10 Things Everyone Should Stop Saying”

Connecticut Author Publishes 2nd Time in 2 Months with Release of Latest Book, Greenwich, CT, August 25, 2018 –(– Having just released her book, “Hail Mary for Peanut,” in late July, Heather D. Nelson was able to pen another book in a matter of a few short weeks: “The concept had been rattling around in my mind for quite a long time. Once I decided to put the words on paper, it fell together so much faster than I anticipated.”

Heather D. Nelson’s was originally published in 2009 in the field of Infertility and Pregnancy Loss. Since that time, she has had a string of columnist positions and even some freelance Op-Ed opportunities. Her life has evolved over the years and now she actively blogs on everything from homeschooling and writing, to advocating for her Type 1 Diabetic son. All while working on her next project.

“Just Stop: 10 Things Everyone Should Stop Saying” is a satirical, short-read collection of essays on the common pitfalls associated with the platitudes we so wildly throw around. Nelson covers colloquialisms as common as, “Time Heals All Wounds,” and even more casual phrases like, “Just Relax.” In each case she breaks down the vernacular to educate her “dear readers” on why she feels these phrases are risky, outdated, or sometimes even harmful. The book discusses ways to approach each situation with a unique and more elevated perspective.

The book is available on Amazon as both eBook and Paperback.

Nelson’s other books can also be viewed on her Amazon Author Page at

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