Homeschooling Among Black Families Increasing

I don’t normally editorialize when I share news. On occasion I feel compelled to share my thoughts.

Diversity in the homeschooling community needs to be celebrated and encouraged. Homeschoolers these days are viewed as a monolithic group of white, Evangelical Christians who all voted for Trump.

Black families increasingly choose to homeschool kids

In the last 15 years, the number of black children in homeschool has doubled from 103,000 to about 220,000. Black parents cite a number of reasons for homeschooling children, including concern over peer pressure and drugs at school — but increasingly, they are also citing school-related racism as a reason to keep students at home.

However, there is room for all at the “kitchen table”. Families from many political backgrounds and religious traditions are starting to see the value of homeschooling and it’s up to those who are viewed as the majority to celebrate that diversity.

Please, if you have any news about “non-traditional” homeschoolers send it my way.

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