Homeschooler With Two Degrees Aims for Doctorate

Homeschooler With Two Degrees Aims for Doctorate

A homeschool teenager in Washington is on track to earn his second associates degree and hoping to earn a doctorate by 21.

16-year-old Aiden Hunter of Onalaska, WA has been attending college since he was 12 years old. Once and oddity at Lower Columbia College, Aiden says he now “blends in” but initially it was a little difficult to adjust to a college atmosphere.

In addition to the social challenges, there have been financial ones too. Aiden doesn’t qualify for scholarships or other financial aid because he’s too young so his mother, Vanessa, has had to foot the bill.

Aiden says he’s happiest in the classroom and likes to learn. His mother, Vanessa had to implement a rule that he could not attend classes in the summer and “had to be a kid”.

With a pile of degrees in his future, Aiden isn’t sure where what kind of career he wants but a driver’s license is in his immediate future.

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Source: The Chronicle

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