Homeschooled Quintuplets Receive Full Tuition Scholarships to South

The University of South Alabama welcomed quintuplets Amelia Rose, Isabella, Shipley, Sophia and Hallie Zimlich to campus recently. The siblings were born in 1999 to Jeannette and Mark Zimlich who are both South alums. The children’s grandfather arranged the scholarship with late USA President Emeritus Gordon Moulton shortly after the quintuplets were born. The children are looking forward to their freshman year at the University of South Alabama this fall.

Danica McKellar, star of the hit TV show The Wonder Years, talks about how she and her ex-husband homeschool their son, Draco, in the current issue of USA TODAY Back to School Magazine. McKellar has been an advocate for women in STEM for several years and continues to encourage girls to pursue careers in math and science.

Newsweek has a great article about many of the “back-to-school” sales you can take advantage of. Stock up on all the essentials at Staples, Wal-mart, Target and more. Many states are also holding tax-free weekends so be sure to do your shopping on those days for additional savings.

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