Homeschool Teen Sends Experiments Into Space, Popular Magazine Responds to Growth in Homeschooling

13-year old Payton Kelly-Van Domelen hopes to one day work for NASA or SpaceX on missions to Mars. This homeschooled youngster has conducted experiments with NASA and presented at the 2018 ISS Research and Development Conference in San Francisco. Payton is working on a project that will launch on a SpaceX rocket next year.

iHomeschool Network has an article listing 5 Movement Breaks for an Active Homeschool Day that you can use to break up your day.

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers shares 4 Homeschool Worries You Can Kick to the Curb. The author notes that “all of my kids have gone to prom. No, it wasn’t held in our living room.”

The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine Returns to Quarterly Print. “We are returning to a subscription model in response to dramatic growth in the homeschooling market and to meet customer demand,” explained Gena Suarez, founder of The Old Schoolhouse®.

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