Homeschool Buyers Co-op is set to revolutionize homeschooling with artificial intelligence

NEW YORK, April 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Homeschooling is set to be revolutionized by artificial intelligence, as US homeschoolers are offered use of the world’s leading AI learning engine for the first time.

Families can now access a low-cost AI teaching assistant that automatically grades, plans work and personalizes learning for children.

The world’s largest buying club for homeschoolers, Homeschool Buyers Co-op, has announced a new premium curriculum collection, Virtua. Teaming up with British AI pioneers CENTURY Tech, they have developed the program’s cornerstone curriculum Virtua School – a bespoke AI-powered learning platform for US homeschoolers. Having worked with thousands of families and schools across the world, CENTURY has used its educational expertise to develop a new AI platform tailored specifically to the needs of homeschooling families.

Available to try for just $1, Virtua School offers learners the latest in adaptive learning technology for learners from grades 2 to 10. It provides children with learning content most appropriate to their individual needs while equipping parents with data on their child’s learning to empower them to make the best educational choices for their learners.

Virtua School goes beyond meeting the needs of each child and supports the home educator with automated, real-time grading, recommended activities to identify gaps or challenges students and robust reporting. It allows home educators to agilely tailor to the needs of each child.

Jae Choi, CEO of Homeschool Buyers Co-op, said:

Virtua School offers incredible educational content for students, but it goes so much further by serving as a virtual ‘teacher’s aid’ to home educating parents. The support it provides parents, who are often overlooked in the home homeschool ecosystem, is unparalleled. We are excited to offer a tool that enhances the homeschool experience for the entire family.”

Eugene Dapper, a parent using the platform, said:

“The AI that the learning platform provides is outstanding, it identifies gaps in my child’s learning and then targets those areas before they tackle future learning. My 8-year-old has found this both enjoyable and challenging, and it helps me to help her. This will definitely become part of our household learning for years to come.”

Priya Lakhani OBE, Founder CEO of CENTURY Tech, whose AI will power Virtua School, said:

“AI is proving a game-changer for children’s learning across the world. Homeschoolers can now reap the vast benefits of AI, from personalization to automated grading and planning.”

CENTURY Tech works with thousands of schools and families across the world, from world-leading independent schools to entire school systems. Founded in 2013 by Priya Lakhani OBE, CENTURY’s technology has won numerous educational awards, including the MIT Solve, CogX Innovation, EdtechX and Reimagine Education Awards. 

Notes to editors:

  1. What is Virtua School?
    Virtua School is a new learning platform powered by CENTURY, a unique, award-winning teaching and learning AI platform. The platform uses learning science, artificial intelligence and neuroscience to create constantly adapting pathways for students and powerful assessment data for parents.
  2. How does Virtua School work?
    Virtua School works in three ways:
    1.  The artificial intelligence engine creates personalized learning pathways that plug gaps in knowledge and remedy misconceptions.
    2.  Easy-to-use data dashboards help parents to guide their children through their learning. Areas where the child requires additional support or challenge are quickly identified.
    3.  Families are provided with thousands of high-quality resources for use in a variety of learning models.
  3. How does Virtua School’s AI work?
    Virtua School‘s artificial intelligence learns how students learn, adapts to their strengths and weaknesses and constantly adjusts to provide the support or challenge each learner requires. As children learn on the platform, every click, score, and interaction is recorded. This data feeds into artificially intelligent algorithms that learn how each individual student learns and plot the most effective route through learning material for each individual. Gaps in foundational knowledge are quickly identified and remedied, weaknesses are scaffolded, and strengths built upon, with automated, constructive feedback provided at the point of need. Differentiated material is provided, based on a learner’s focus, difficulty levels and pace of learning, among other factors.

SOURCE Homeschool Buyers Co-op

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