Help Alecia Faith Pennington Prove Her Identity

Alecia Faith Pennington can’t prove her identity or citizenship as an American even though she was born in Texas. Her parents neglected to file a birth certificate or get her a social security number, and currently refuse to help her obtain sufficient documents as proof.

Listen to her story, and spread the word to help her! Email contact:

If you would like to email her, please use the guideline below to make sorting through dozens of emails easier for her.

Pick one of these and use as the first words in your subject title:
– For general support: SUPPORT
– If you represent a paper, magazine, radio, blog, or other form of media: MEDIA
– If you are a lawyer willing to help: LEGAL HELP
– For suggestion on steps i should take: ADVICE
– If you have a similar story to share: SIMILAR STORY

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