Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

Hi folks! I’m going to take a break over the summer. If any news comes up that screams for my attention I’ll post it; I won’t be posting regularly, though.

Bahamas Homeschool Curriculum Fair

Bahamas Home School Curriculum Fair set for June 23rd

Abeka, Bob Jones, Calvert, and The Potter’s School are household names in many homes where families have decided to homeschool their children. For the past eight years, many of these home educators have displayed their resources for the public’s benefit at the annual Homeschool Curriculum Fair. This year’s event is slated for Tuesday, June 23rd at 7 PM at the Earle Weech Auditorium, Calvary Bible Church, Collins Avenue and is being hosted by the Bahamas Homeschool Association (BHA).

On the Duggar Scandal

Homeschool News Today‘s goal is to provide news that encourages, equips, and entertains homeschoolers. The recent news about Josh Duggar doesn’t adhere to any of those goals.

For now, HSNT has chosen to not report on this issue because other news outlets have covered the story ad nauseum. This story will continue to make news for months.

Homeschool News Today does not wish to benefit from the tragedy, pain, and suffering of a homeschooling family or the victims of a crime.

For that reason, you will not find any articles about the “Josh Duggar Scandal” here at Homeschool News Today.

Homeschool Graduate Doesn’t Need GED to Complete Veterinary Degree

HSLDA | School Acknowledges Homeschool Graduate Doesn’t Need GED

A Colorado homeschool graduate making straight A’s in her veterinary technician program at the Pima Medical institute in Colorado Springs was recently informed that to finish her degree she would have to get her GED. After the graduate and her parents disagreed they were offered a compromise.

School officials said they would allow the student to finish her current program but not continue to the next certification level without a GED. The school cited accreditation concerns and even offered to pay for the expense of GED testing.

Homeschooler’s Struggle Inspires New Bill in Homeschool—Washington Post

How a teenager’s viral campaign to prove her citizenship is inspiring a new Texas bill

Alecia Faith Pennington describes herself as a Texan, born and raised. But in a video that went viral after she posted it on YouTube last month, Pennington said her parents never obtained a birth certificate or other basic documentation of her life, leaving her with “nothing to prove my identity” – or her U.S.