Homeschool Teen Sends Experiments Into Space, Popular Magazine Responds to Growth in Homeschooling

13-year old Payton Kelly-Van Domelen hopes to one day work for NASA or SpaceX on missions to Mars. This homeschooled youngster has conducted experiments with NASA and presented at the 2018 ISS Research and Development Conference in San Francisco. Payton is working on a project that will launch on a SpaceX rocket next year.

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Homeschoolers Got Talent Competition and Museum Days

Northland Core presents Homeschoolers Got Talent on Thursday October 18th at 10:30 a.m. at The Common Grounds in Cloquet, MN. If you have a child or children interested in performing a song, dance, musical piece, juggling, comedy, or other talent, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate it. Registration information is available at

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Homeschoolers in Wisconsin Now Eligible to Play Highschool Sports


Wisconsin homeschoolers now can play on public school teams

Homeschoolers in Wisconsin will soon be able to participate in public school sports, thanks to a new measure recently signed into law by Governor Scott Walker. Previously, homeschooled students in Wisconsin were not allowed to play on public school sports teams. But Scott Woodruff of the Home School Legal Defense Association says the new law allows them to try out for teams at public schools.