Homeschooling in Virginia Increased By 12% Over the Last Five Years

State sees 12% increase in homeschooling over last 5 years

DANVILLE, Va. – The number of home-schooled students in Virginia is rising. The Danville Register & Bee reported Tuesday that the state’s home-schooled population saw a 12 percent increase in the last five years. There were nearly 39,000 home-schooled students during 2013-14 school year. That’s compared to about 43,500 students last school year.

Conversation a Part of the Curriculum at This Homeschool Co-op

Teens are studying the lost art of conversation at this secular homeschool co-op in Virginia Beach

Jared Cochran admits that sometimes during a conversation, he’ll only half listen. It’s something a lot of people are guilty of, especially with the distraction of phones and other technology. But a class the 18-year-old is taking at his homeschool co-op in Virginia Beach has made him aware of the bad habit, and now he’s making a conscious effort to be a more active listener.

Special Effects Make-Up Classes, Free Educational Novella and More

The Charlotte Mecklenberg homeschool book club meets on October 10th at 2PM to discuss James and the Giant Peach. This program is for homeschool students age 8-11. Visit the library’s website to register.

Compass Homeschool Classes is offering a special effects make-up clinic just in time for Halloween. This is a 1-hour clinic taught by a professional stage make-up artist for students ages 12 and up. Two sessions are available: 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm on Friday, October 26. Clinic fee is $49.00 per person. Register online before October 17.

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Homeschool Day, College STEM Courses, and Homeschool Gaming

The Virginia Living Museum offers homeschool students grades K through 12 a day of fun and engaging programs that highlight important natural and space science concepts. Programs are available for grades K-4. A lab about pond life is available for grades 5-12. All programs are curriculum and grade-level targeted and taught by the museum’s professional educators. All programs include a self-guided visit of museum exhibits and are offered at a discount to homeschool families. Visit for more information and to register.

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