Houston Space Center Homeschool Day

Space Center Houston

Our 2014 home-school day uses a unique space-themed curriculum based on national science education standards. The event is part of our 2014-15 season exhibits, events and programs called “The Next Giant Leap” which explores NASA’s return to deep space.

Workshops offer parents an opportunity to improve their teaching skills and even includes a session with a Spanish-speaking trainer. Families will also enjoy a full day of learning and fun with multiple activities that are included with admission.

‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Homeschooling Daughter

Every parent should be allowed to homeschool their children, right? What if she’s a single mother, reality TV star, released two sex tapes, and is actively stripping for a living? Do you think a person like that should be allowed to homeschool?

Farrah Abraham homeschooling daughter Sophia Abraham

Farrah-Abraham-HomeschoolingTeen Mom’s Farrah Abraham recently added another project to her plate — and it’s the most concerning yet, which is saying something considering the girl is also working as a stripper/researcher.

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Note: you may want to avoid the comment section here. There are some very crude and sexually explicit comments.

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham previously indicated that her daughter would be going to Kindergarten this fall but recently announce via Twitter that she would instead homeschool Sophia.

I don’t normally make it a habit to follow celebrity news. This is one exception that I’ll make because it involves homeschooling and has the potential to turn into a national debate.

Unfortunately, I think this could get ugly. It wouldn’t surprise me if some activist lawyer in Austin jumped at the opportunity to make a name for himself and sued to force Farrah Abraham to put her child in public school.

Does Abarham’s sordid past and current questionable employment disqualify her from homeschooling? If we’re going to protect the rights of parents without a high school diploma to homeschool shouldn’t we protect her’s too? What do you think?

Great Homeschool Conventions Adds Texas Location

NEW Texas HOMESCHOOL Convention

Featured speakers include Heidi St. John, Michael Gurian, Dr. Jay Wile, Dr. Kathy Koch, Holocaust Survivor Inge Auerbacher, as well as a very special announcement that will be made in October!