Homeschooling in an Airstream; 11- and 15-Year Old Siblings Attend College Together

Nehemiah and Gabrielle Juniel recently enrolled at Lone Star College-CyFair after being homeschooled. Their unique learning styles prompted their mother, Corie, to remove them from public school.

Alex and Mary Herlocker travel across the United States in an Airstream while homeschooling their kids. “Learning can happen in more ways than sitting at a desk, filling out worksheets that will eventually be forgotten and discarded,” said Mary.

9-year-old Alexandria Hamilton plans to hike the entire Appalachian Trail to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Her mother, Amy, will homeschool her during the six-month adventure which starts in March 2019.

Beyond the Box El Paso Homeschool Conference; More Homeschoolers in Connecticut

El Paso Homeschool Association Hosting Conference In July | El Paso Herald-Post

Officials with EPHA share that the conference “brings much needed-information to those who are interested in homeschooling as an option to educate their children.” To that end, the EPHA connects families to local, state and national organizations that advocate for education rights.

SCS conducts Home School Parent Night – The Stanly News & Press

Stanly County Schools hosted a homeschool parent night on June 14 at Stanly County Board of Education. Superintendent Jeff James and other SCS representatives presented parents with information about new educational opportunities for homeschooled children in the county.

Library prepares ‘homeschool connection’ initiative through LSTA grant funding

The Lincoln County Public Library has once again received the EZ Literacy and Lifelong Learning Grant through the Library Services and Technology Act. LSTA grants are funds awarded to the State Library of North Carolina by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services with the purpose of enhancing the role of libraries as community leaders in advancing literacy and lifelong learning.

Homeschool student wins grant for community garden

Faith Novak, a local home schooler, is not yet even 16 years old but already has a burgeoning passion for sustainable living, youth, and entrepreneurship. In 2017, Novak found an opportunity to realize those passions in the form of a grant application from Dominos and AdCap.

More Connecticut parents turn to home schooling kids

The concept of homeschooling used to be synonymous with images of devout Christians in rural southern states, who – objecting to secular education and the lack of emphasis on “traditional values” – took matters into their own hands.

Homeschool Days at Science Mill May 10

Homeschool Days

We invite homeschool families and groups to join us on on Homeschool Day each month during the school year to explore the Science Mill. In addition to museum exhibits, we will offer a 3D movie and themed demonstrations and hands-on activities with scientists. Each month, we’ll explore a different theme with career speakers and special guests.