Rock & Roll Homeschool, Imagination Station, STEM and Art Classes

Radkey has released their latest single, “Rock & Roll Homeschool”. The three brothers from Missouri that make up the trio were homeschooled and said it’s one of the reasons they had so much time to write songs. Radkey is currently on tour in the U.S. and will start a European tour in 2019.

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Homeschool Classes in Alaska, Maryland, & Michigan

The Irvine Nature Center has two homeschool programs you might be interested in. Forest Dreamers for students ages 4-6 and Earth Dreamers for students ages 5-14. You can take the classes in these 13-week programs individually or as a suite. More information is available at

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Homeschool Day, College STEM Courses, and Homeschool Gaming

The Virginia Living Museum offers homeschool students grades K through 12 a day of fun and engaging programs that highlight important natural and space science concepts. Programs are available for grades K-4. A lab about pond life is available for grades 5-12. All programs are curriculum and grade-level targeted and taught by the museum’s professional educators. All programs include a self-guided visit of museum exhibits and are offered at a discount to homeschool families. Visit for more information and to register.

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