Homeschoolers’ Day at Woodlands Nature Station

Homeschoolers’ Day at Woodlands Nature Station |

Home educators and their families are invited to spend a day getting up close and personal with Nature Station’s resident mammals. “Homeschoolers will learn what makes a mammal a mammal during our ‘Marvelous Mammals’ program which repeats throughout the day,” says Shannon Brockway, Naturalist at Nature Station. “Hands-on activities and crafts incorporate concepts of science, art, English, and math for a fun and exciting day of learning.”

Homeschool Days at Newport Aquarium—WLWT

Newport Aquarium welcomes home-schooled students, educators

If you ask Michael Gray about the sharks with the biggest bite, he can not only tell you which ones they are, but also give you a few examples of what, exactly, they might chew on. “The tiger shark, and the great white. The tiger shark is more like a garbage disposal, it’ll eat anything. Gray, along with dozens of other home-schooled students, grades kindergarten through 12th grade, learned quite a bit about sharks and the many other sea creatures at Monday’s event specifically tailored to them.

Ballroom Dancing a Great Way for Homeschoolers to Socialize

Homeschool of Dance |

One of the first questions many have for homeschool families is how they tackle the potential problem of isolation and the honing of social skills. For homeschoolers in western Kentucky, there are many answers to that question and one is the age-old encounter of stepping out on the dance floor.

Organizers of local families who homeschool have found many ways to engage students. One of the most popular is to start the music and dance.