Homeschool Brothers Thrive in College

All in the family

Each Tuesday and Thursday, freshman Andrew Ferris and his older brother, freshman Zach Ferris, sit down for lunch in between classes. Andrew orders the same sandwich every time – turkey and provolone with black olives, lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms, and then washes it down with an energy drink. The brothers look back on their homeschooling as a positive experience.

Mayor Brings US Capitols to Homeschool Families

Burr Ridge Mayor Brings 50 Capitols to Life at Oak Park Home-Schooling Program

It’s one thing to memorize the names of all 50 capitals across the United States. It’s quite another to visit all of the capitol buildings in those cities-a feat that Mickey Straub accomplished two years ago during a whirlwind 44-day span. In 2012, between September 4 and October 17, Straub drove nearly 15,000 miles to 48 state capitols and flew to two others-Hawaii and Alaska. He spent about two hours at each site, taking photographs (more than 7,000 by the end) and recording notes of his experience. Among other things, he made a point of finding references to God, Abraham Lincoln and liberty on capitol grounds, he told ODE students.