New Forum for Homeschooling Moms, Pete Pan, Classes at DPNC, Homeschool Harvest Day introduces a secure forum for homeschooling moms. Despite shifts to social media platforms over the last 15 years, discussion forums have endured. A private forum offers a stable secure option for facilitating conversations and lasting relationships around a focused common interest. The forum is available only to members of where your first month’s fee is currently only one dollar.

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Homeschooling on the Rise in Florida; Religious Bullying Leads to Increase in Australian Homeschooling

According to an annual report released by the Florida State Department of Education, homeschooling grew by 2.7% last year. Counties with the highest percentage of homeschoolers include Duval, Hillsborough, Orange, Palm Beach and Broward with Duval having the highest percentage at 7.6%. Nationally, homeschooling has remained steady at about 3.4%. This story was submitted by Livi Stanford (@l_stanford1221).

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Homeschool Programs at Washington County Libraries; Homeschool Theater Programs, Hanson Homeschooling

The Washington County Library in Abingdon, VA is offering Homeschool Days at the main library on the first, second and third Wednesdays of the month from 2:30-3:30 p.m. The first Wednesday of the month features STEM programming. The second Wednesday features our popular Lego Play. The third Wednesday offers Arts and Crafts. The Hayters Gap branch library offers a STEM program Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m.

No Boundaries Youth Theater offers two homeschool programs for aspiring actors. Homeschool Junior Players is for younger homeschool performers (5-8) and Homeschooler Repertory Players for ages 8-14 will be offered in two ten-week sessions. For more information and to register visit

Taylor Hanson, (yes, THAT Taylor Hanson), has announced that he and his wife Natalie are expecting their sixth child. Natalie and Taylor homeschool their five children and will be homeschooling them while Taylor is on tour with Hanson this fall.

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Chinese Parents Homeschool Children, Defying Government

Chinese parents choose to homeschool their children despite it being forbidden by the government. The size of the country allows them to stay under the radar, for now.

More Connecticut parents turn to homeschooling their kids as national statistics rise. Parents cite various reasons for homeschooling, chief among them being the one-size-fits-all approach of public schools.

Jacqueline Rosario is running for a seat on the Indian River County School Board District 2. Part of her platform is to “see extra-curricular activities, clubs, after-school programs, summer school, even sports offered to our local homeschool students.”

Beyond the Box El Paso Homeschool Conference; More Homeschoolers in Connecticut

El Paso Homeschool Association Hosting Conference In July | El Paso Herald-Post

Officials with EPHA share that the conference “brings much needed-information to those who are interested in homeschooling as an option to educate their children.” To that end, the EPHA connects families to local, state and national organizations that advocate for education rights.

SCS conducts Home School Parent Night – The Stanly News & Press

Stanly County Schools hosted a homeschool parent night on June 14 at Stanly County Board of Education. Superintendent Jeff James and other SCS representatives presented parents with information about new educational opportunities for homeschooled children in the county.

Library prepares ‘homeschool connection’ initiative through LSTA grant funding

The Lincoln County Public Library has once again received the EZ Literacy and Lifelong Learning Grant through the Library Services and Technology Act. LSTA grants are funds awarded to the State Library of North Carolina by the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services with the purpose of enhancing the role of libraries as community leaders in advancing literacy and lifelong learning.

Homeschool student wins grant for community garden

Faith Novak, a local home schooler, is not yet even 16 years old but already has a burgeoning passion for sustainable living, youth, and entrepreneurship. In 2017, Novak found an opportunity to realize those passions in the form of a grant application from Dominos and AdCap.

More Connecticut parents turn to home schooling kids

The concept of homeschooling used to be synonymous with images of devout Christians in rural southern states, who – objecting to secular education and the lack of emphasis on “traditional values” – took matters into their own hands.