How Right And Left Joined Forces In Fight To Legalize Home Schooling

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“It was like the days of the one-room schoolhouse,” reminisces home-schooling advocate and First Amendment lawyer Michael Farris. He’s talking about a few short decades ago, the time when he and his wife raised their 10 children — six girls, four boys — and educated them entirely in the home.

Farris and his wife — a certified teacher who he says “had to unlearn all the stuff she’d been taught” in order to educate their kids — are two pioneers of the home-schooling movement as we know it today. Farris fought many of the most prominent home-school battles through the 1980s, when it was illegal to home-school children in many states; he founded the Christian Home School Legal Defense Association in 1983, and his family became a model for home schoolers across the U.S.

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Homeschool Mother and Daughter Wait in Line for IKEA Opening

Homeschool Mother and Daughter Wait in Line at IKEA
Image via KCUR

Meet The People Waiting In Line For The IKEA Opening

“Most importantly it is just the experience, I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it will be an interesting time. My daughter is homeschooled, so we have all of her homeschool work so we can go ahead and we don’t miss any time.” — Jessica Boling, Kansas City, Kan.