NY Homeschoolers Seek Right to Participate in High School Sports

Boys playing soccer — NY Homeschoolers Seek Right to Participate in High School Sports

BELMONT, NY – Homeschool parents urged the Allegany County Board of Legislators to allow homeschooled students equal access to high school sports. Although the district superintendent opposed the proposal, the county legislators unanimously voted to allow homeschoolers the right to participate in interscholastic sports.

CARMEL, IN – After multiple attempts to qualify, Kate Brandt (a homeschool mother of 2), will appear on the July 4th episode of Jeopardy!. Brandt and her family traveled to California for taping and visited Disneyland and Universal Studios while there.

CULLMAN, AL – Homeschool families in Alabama gathered at the Cullman Civic Center for the 2nd annual North Alabama Homeschool Expo which features multiple vendors, workshops, and lectures for parents and kids.

After moving to the United States in 2000 from India, Mary Fields discovered her talent for art after enrolling her homeschooled daughter in an art class.

Homeschool Family Travels the Country in Converted School Bus

Couple travel US in $33K converted school bus with their 3 children

Brandon and Ashley Trebitowski, both 32, have been living in the bus with their children for nearly two years The couple now homeschool their children Cayden, nine, Jackson, six, and four-year-old Rhea on the road Bought bus for $4K and gave it extensive renovations, including wood-burning stove, bunk beds for the kids A New Mexico couple is happier than ever after giving up most of their possessions and traveling the country in a converted school bus with their three children.