Homeschool Co-op 2020 Has Offered 120 Classes Since Going Online in March

The Homeschool Co-op Brings Children Together Through Free Virtual Learning

In January, when history professor Karen Miller first arrived in Manila, the Philippines, she expected to spend several months studying internal migration patterns in the Southeast Asian country. As a Fulbright Scholar on sabbatical from her job at LaGuardia Community College, she quickly enrolled her eleven-year-old son in an elementary school program and began to settle in.

Erase All Kittens Offers Free Coding Program for Parents and Students

Coding, Kittens, and Unicorn Mermaids!

Running out of STEM resources for your students? Erase All Kittens is a multi-award-winning online adventure game that introduces professional coding skills to children aged 8-13, and inspires girls to code. So why Erase All Kittens? When Tim Berners-Lee was asked for an example of a popular use of the internet that he would never have predicted, he answered ‘Kittens’.

Cuban Homeschool Mother Released but Father Still in Jail

Legal Victory for Christian Homeschooling Parents in Cuba – Vision Christian Radio

Religious freedom advocates are celebrating after Cuban authorities decided to release a Christian mother from jail. Expósito Leyva was imprisoned along with her husband, Pastor Ramon, after refusing to send their children to a government-run school. The couple had opted to home-school their children in order to avoid them being indoctrinated with socialist and atheistic ideologies.