Good News and Bad News for Homeschooling and the Battle Against Common Core—Breitbart

Homeschool Freedom and the Common Core: Good News, Bad News – Breitbart

In the battle against the Common Core, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the proliferation of these top-down education standards is driving a massive increase in the number of homeschoolers. Families are realizing that if they want their children to benefit from individualized education, if they want to protect their children from data mining, and if they want to be free of the Common Core’s one-size-fits-all approach to education, homeschooling (and certain private schools) is the only way to go.

Senate Bill Introduced to Give Homeschoolers Tax Deductions for Instructional Expenses

Louisiana Sen. David Vitter Introduces Bill Prohibiting Federal Mandate of Common Core Standards – Breitbart

The proposed legislation would permit states that have rejected these standards to still qualify for federal grants and waivers. In addition, Vitter has also introduced bills that would allow taxpayers who homeschool their children to be eligible for tax deductions for instructional expenses.

Homeschoolers May Not Avoid Common Core in Some States

Some homeschoolers finding it difficult to avoid Common Core

More and more parents fed up with the tightening reigns of the federal government on public education through the Common Core are leaving the schools to homeschool their children. But few realize that the same “politicized” and “dumbed-down” standards they tried to avoid are showing up in their living rooms via online public education curricula — sometimes referred to as “virtual academies.”