$500 Grant Awarded to Homeschool Robotics Team and Other News

Cornerstone Robotics, a homeschool robotics team, received a $500 grant from the Hancock County Community Foundation. Last year Cornerstone Robotics’ first-year, middle school team, 323A Apex, competed in both the state and world VEX IQ Vex Robotics Competitions. The grant money will be used to add an additional middle school team and start a high school team. More information about Cornerstone Robotics is available at cornerstonerobotics.net.

The Lewis family from Marlborough, NZ are preparing to sail around the world. This homeschooling family of six has been preparing for two years for the adventure. Plans to move to France for an immersive educational experience eventually morphed in to sailing around the world. David and Kim Lewis have sold their businesses and are planning to leave on Monday with their four children to start their sailing adventure.

MyFunScience.com is having a flash sale this weekend on select online courses. You can save up to $180 on the following classes: Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, General Science, Health Science, Pre-Physics, and Young Scientist Anatomy & Physiology. Sale prices are until August 5th. Visit MyFunScience.com to sign up today.

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