2016 Global Home Education Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2016 global conference to hit Rio: ‘Homeschooling is a right’

More than a dozen homeschool organizations and advocates will be proclaiming “Home education is a right” to the world at the second Global Home Education Conference, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, next March.

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has announced that 14 international homeschooling organizations and advocates are organizing next year’s event, which follows GHEC 2012 held three years ago in Berlin, Germany, where 200 participants from two dozen countries across the globe corroborated to energize the German home education movement.

“[This is] a movement that continues to be repressed by authorities, which demonstrates the need for the global home education movement to meet in solidarity and mutual support,” HSLDA explained.

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