After 10 Years Family Loses Religious Homeschooling Exemption

A new policy in a Virginia school district requires children 14 and older who are homeschooled for religious reasons to also apply for an exemption along with their parents.

This is a developing story that has far-reaching ramifications for homeschooling parents in Virginia.

Via WRIC, 8News

There’s controversy in Goochland over homeschooling. It all stems from a new policy that some parents believe violates their rights. The policy being questioned affects families who homeschool for religious reasons.
In the past, parents had to reach out for permission to teach their children at home. But now, the district wants to ensure kids are on board with their parent’s plan.

Something that’s not sitting well with The Pruiett’s, who homeschool all six of their children. As Christians, it’s important for them to teach the kids according to their beliefs.

Update: A second family was also interviewed about this new policy. According to WTVR, HSLDA is looking to assist families in dealing with the controversial school board decision.

Parents Kevin and Katrina Hoeft decided not to send their kids to the county’s public schools for religious regions, and are not happy with the policy.

“For a 14-year-old to be threatened to have to come before the school board to explain or justify his or her religious beliefs?” an incredulous Kevin Hoeft said.

The Home School Legal Defense Association said the policy violates Virginia law. State law allows children undergoing religious training to be taught at home without having to defend their beliefs.

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